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Love Yourself

Love Yourself

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Love Yourself


Hey cuties! Happy valentines day!

I’m sure there are a lot of fun things you could do for valentines day with your girlfriends or a significant other, but I wanted to do a post focused on building your relationship with yourself.

Self love is a term that gets thrown around so much now and almost treated like a fad. But its not, your relationship with yourself is the most important one there is, because without it none of your other relationships will ever be truly successful. In the famous words of RuPaul: “If you don’t love yourself how the hell you gon love somebody else” – and it’s true. But learning to love yourself isn’t easy, and your relationship with yourself is one that you have to continue to work on for like ever. The whole idea can be really overwhelming, so I thought I would break down a two really easy ways to get started.

STICK IT! So this is a trick I’ve used to break all kinds of habits, create new good ones, study for exams and more. The best part? It’s crazy affordable, easy and FUN. I call it, the sticker method (original right lol?). I actually learned it when I was in speech therapy.

Here’s how it works: Go buy yourself some stickers, any kind will do! You could also use post-its or tape if you really didn’t want to spend a dime. I like the idea of using graphic stickers because its cute and fun, but even simple circle dot stickers would work – a simple amazon search will get you whatever you need! Anyways, once you got your stickers, stick 3-5 of them in high traffic areas. I suggest your bathroom mirror, your fridge, your computer, your front door and your cell phone. But a few other options include: your toothbrush, somewhere dry that you see in your shower, your work desk, your nightstand, a light switch, your TV, or somewhere in your car. 

Here’s what you do: Now every time you see the sticker you have to give yourself a compliment or celebrate yourself in some way. It could be something small like thinking to yourself, “I have nice eyes” or even “I know all the words to bohemian rhapsody and thats kind of impressive”, it doesn’t have to be particularly meaningful but just start to create the habit of patting yourself on the back and becoming your own biggest fan. They can be more timely, like “hey you did great at that presentation at work” or “it was nice of you to give up your seat on the subway” or they can be more general. This will help you start to build a relationship with yourself. Overtime, you can use less stickers (or more) and think of more meaningful compliments until you start to build up a bit more of self esteem and general self love. I would even recommend saying these things to yourself out loud or while making eye contact in the mirror.

SNAIL MAIL: The second trick is also crazy easy and requires very little effort on your end. Ask 3 people in your life that you trust and love to write you a very short love letter. In this letter they can share things they like or admire about you. It could be a paragraph or even be bullet points if writing isn’t their strong suit. They also don’t have to sign it, unless you want them too.

Here’s how it works: Ask them to write it by hand and to actually mail it, like in the real mail, you know, with a stamp. When you get it, read it and believe it. Know that you trust this person and they wouldn’t write those things if they weren’t true. Realize that this is how someone you trust sees you and there is both value in merit in that. It’s important to value how you see yourself above what others see in you, but if you’re struggling to start loving yourself, these letters can give you a good foundation. After you’ve read them, store them somewhere safe so you can reference them on darker days. 

I hope these two ideas inspired you to work on your relationship with yourself this season, I really cant stress how important it is 🙂 sending you hugs and happiness today and everyday.

With love,


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